Sunday, July 8, 2012

Exercise, Cognition, Strength & Immunity

Intense exercise increases BDNF & improves cognitive function
Participants cycled at 2 different intensities. Those who cycled at higher intensity had significant increases in BDNF in the blood. Increased BDNF levels correlated with increasing Lactate levels (Lactate levels increase when exercise becomes Anaerobic). Cognitive function improved after both forms of exercise.

BDNF is Brain-derived neurotrophic factor. It helps to "support the survival of existing neurons, and encourage the growth and differentiation of new neurons and synapses."

Lifting speed matters for strength progression
In short, experienced lifters were divided into one group who lifted at their preferred speed and one group that sped up the concentric portion of their lift (the push in the bench press in this example). The group that focused on lifting faster had about a 10% increase in strength while the other group showed no change.

Parents have stronger immune systems
Researchers infected adults with cold viruses and found that those with children were less likely to develop colds as a result. The effect was greater in older parents and not seen in parents aged 18-23.


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