Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vitamin D, Testosterone, & Coffee

Vitamin D increases Testosterone levels - 54 overweight, non-diabetic men with deficient Vitamin D levels (<50 nmol/L) undergoing a weight reduction program were randomized to ~3000IU Vitamin D daily for 1 year or Placebo. Vitamin D levels increased by ~50 nmol/L & Total testosterone levels increased by ~11 to 13 nmol/L in the Treatment group, with no change seen in the Placebo group.

For reference, hormone therapy is usually started for men with Total testosterone < ~12 nmol/L.

Testosterone improves Metabolic syndrome -147 men with Total testosterone levels <~12 nmol/L were given 1000 mg Testosterone undecanoate injections every 3 months for at least 4 years. The average waist reduction was 8 cm; average weight loss was 12.9 kg. During the 1st year of treatment the average Lean body mass increase was 4.5 - 5 kg & average Fat loss was 5 to 6 kg. Total cholesterol, LDL, & Triglycerides were all significantly reduced; C-reactive protein levels (a marker of Inflammation) dropped from 7.1 to 1.6 mg/L.

Testosterone aids Weight loss & Waist-size reduction -130 men with Total testosterone levels <~12 nmol/L were given 1000mg Testosterone undecanoate injections on Day 1, 6 weeks later, then every 3 months. Average weight loss was 14.3 kg; average waist reduction was 11 cm.

Coffee may help prevent Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) - 10 healthy volunteers were given 200mL of Filtered coffee after an overnight fast; researchers measured the resistance of the volunteers' LDL to oxidation; LDL had increased resistance to oxidation, presumably due to increased incorporation of Phenolic acids (found in the Coffee) within the LDL particles.

Oxidation of LDL is considered to be a major initiating factor in the development of Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), as can be read about here.

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