Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fructose, Metabolic syndrome, & Fatty liver

Fructose induces Metabolic syndrome via increasing Uric acid in Rats - Researchers performed several experiments. 1st, they saw that Fructose feeding induces Hyperinsulinemia, Hypertriglyceridemia, & Hyperuricemia. 2nd, they gave Fructose-fed Rats drugs to lower Uric acid levels & found that these drugs prevented or reversed the symptoms of Metabolic syndrome. Finally, they showed that Uric acid inhibits Endothelial function in a dose-dependent fashion.

Consumption of Fructose-sweetened drinks induces Metabolic syndrome in Humans - 32 subjects were divided into 2 groups, with 1 receiving 25% of their calories from a Fructose-sweetened beverage & the other from a Glucose-sweetened beverage. The group who consumed the Fructose-sweetened beverages had significantly elevated levels of Uric acid, RBP4 (Retinol-binding protein 4, associated with Insulin resistance), & GGT (Gamma-glutamyl transferase or transpeptidase, also associated with Metabolic syndrome and/or Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease [NAFLD]).

Fructose causes Dyslipidemia & Fat deposition in the Liver & Muscle in Healthy Humans - 24 subjects were given either an isocaloric diet or hypercaloric Fructose diet for 7 days. The Fructose diet caused an increase in Fat in the Liver, Fat in the Muscle, VLDL (sometimes referred to as "very bad" Cholesterol), & fasting hepatic glucose output. Some of the patients were children of people with Diabetes, and in this subgroup, the effects of Fructose were worse.

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